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Winter Weather Closing Information

Delaying/Closing Schools During the 2016-2017 School Year
As we approach the winter months, it is important to recognize the problems students, parents and employees encounter when a question exists regarding whether or not schools will be delayed and/or cancelled due to weather conditions.  Please note that a decision to delay or cancel school will be made by 6:00 AM  and announced over designated radio stations, online at and through the Alert Now telephone calling system. 
It is important that parents keep all student contact information current with the school offices so that families may receive the Alert Now message.  Please do not call the school offices for school closing information.  Parents should listen to the following radio stations for emergency school closings:  SHINE.FM 89.7; Radio One WAKE 1500 AM;  WJOB 1230 AM;   105.5 FM and 107.1 FM.

SCHOOL DELAYS:  When a school delay is announced efforts will be made to have students in school for a minimum of 3½ hours for elementary students and 4 hours for middle/high school students which would negate the necessity for a make-up of time lost.  On days when school is delayed, the following time schedule will be in effect:
                                                High School                          10:00 AM – 3:20 PM
                                                Middle School                      10:00 AM – 3:20 PM
                                                Elementary                           10:00 AM – 3:35 PM
                                                Pre-School                            Both Sessions Cancelled
On days when school is delayed, school lunches will be served using a modified serving schedule.
SCHOOL CANCELLATIONS:  School cancellations will result in the need for make-up days to comply with the 180 school days mandated by state law for student attendance.   The make-up days will be announced as soon as possible.  When possible, these days may be made up during the school year and replace No School/Holidays.  However, when this is not possible, the make-up days may be added to the end of the regular school year.
Cynthia A. Scroggins, Ed.S.
Superintendent of Schools