Please Note:  Many of these scholarships need to be postmarked or received by the date listed. Read very carefully. Letters of recommendations need to be requested to teachers 2 weeks prior to when you need them. Also, students will now request transcripts through www.Parchment.com. Students will need a valid email to create an account.


    Legacy Foundation Scholarships
    All scholarships can be found online at http://www.legacyfdn.org.  Scholarship amounts and deadlines vary.
    Robert Rainsberger scholarship

    1. John V. and George Primich Family Scholarship
    2. Lilly Endowment Scholarship
    3. Legacy Foundation Scholarship
    4. Patrick Lindsey Memorial Scholarship
    5. Roger Begnoche Scholarship
    6. Joseph Trent Morrow/Urban League of NW Indiana Scholarship
    7. Schrage Family Scholarship


    Scholarship Database
    StudentScholarships.org has a large collection of scholarships on the web. Visit www.studentscholarships.org to view various scholarship opportunities including: AIS Scholarships, Happy New Year Scholarship, 2017 Scholarship Points Awards, Shred Paper to Stand Against Bullying, John ans Murlel Landls Scholarships, Spread Positivity In Your Community Scholarship, Conquer Your Resolution Scholarship and Your Deserve It Scholarship. Qualifications and deadlines vary.


    Coca Cola Scholars Program
    The Coca-Cola Scholars Program Scholarship is an achievement-based scholarship awarded to graduating high school seniors. Students are recognized for their capacity to lead and serve, as well as their commitment to making a significant impact on their schools and communities. Application and requirement information on  http://www.coca-colascholarsfoundation.org
    Deadline October 31, 2017


    Golden Door Scholars
    Golden Door Scholars, in collaboration with colleges and universities, is offering full, four-year scholarships to high-performing undocumented students. Learn more and apply now at www.goldendoorscholars.org
    Deadline is October 25, 2017


    Horizon Bank
    Horizon Bank is excited to offer the Minority Scholarship Program. This scholarship is designed to encourage minorities to pursue a higher education while assisting to fund such an endeavor.  Must have a minimum 2.5 GPA.  Apply at http://www.urbanleagueofnwi.org
    Deadline is October 31, 2017


    National Center for Learning Disabilities
    This is a one time award for a student with demonstrated learning disabilities who plans to attend a 2-year community college, a vocational or technical school, or a specialized program for students with LD. Student should show participation in school and community activities during high school, and also demonstrate financial need. Various scholarships available on https://www.ncld.org/scholarships-and-awards/
    Deadline is November 6, 2017


    The Elks National Foundation
    The Elks National Foundation is offering scholarship opportunities worth up to $50,000 over four years. Apply at  https://www.elks.org/scholars/scholarships/applyMVS.cfm Deadline for Most Valuable Student Contest is November 27, 2017 and deadline for Legacy Award Contest is February 2, 2018.


    University of Oklahoma
    The University of Oklahoma's application deadline to be considered for academic, service or leadership scholarships is December 15, 2017. Apply at www.admissions@ou.eu    


    NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing
    The NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing (AiC) honors women in grades 9 through 12 who are active and interested in computing and technology, and encourages them to pursue their passions.  Application and information on https://www.aspirations.org/participate/high-school
    Deadline is November 7, 2017

    Indiana State University
    Indiana State University is offering an opportunity for full in-state tuition, four year renewable scholarship for students interested in financial services. View eligibility requirements and apply at www.indstate.edu/apply  
    Deadline is December 1st, 2017


    The American Academy of Art
    The American Academy of Art is having their Senior Scholarship Competition in the next couple months. Participate on Sat. Nov. 19, 2017 OR Sat. Dec. 3, 2017. Register at https://www.aaart.edu/events/senior-scholarship-competition-2017/  


    The Geneseo Migrant Center
    Visit The Geneseo Migrant Center website to view their many scholarship opportunities for migrant students who want to further their education. More info at http://migrant.net/migrant/scholarships/index.htm
    Deadlines vary


    AXA Achievement Scholarship
    The AXA Achievementsm Scholarship offers college scholarships of $2,500, $10,000 and $25,000 to high school seniors who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in their activities in school, the community or the workplace. Scholarship winners are known as AXA Achievers. They are ethnically and economically diverse, but they share these qualities: ambition and drive; determination to set and reach goals; respect for self, family and community; ability to succeed in college. The scholarship is sponsored by the AXA Foundation, the philanthropic arm of AXA US.  The 2018 program will be accepting applications from September 5, 2017 until 10,000 applications are submitted or December 15, 2017, whichever comes first. Your application MUST be one of the first 10,000 submitted electronically by the deadline date.  https://www.scholarsapply.org/axa-achievement/


    Burger King Scholarship
    Scholarship grants range from $1,000 to $50,000 and are intended to help students offset the cost of attending college or post-secondary vocational/technical school. Recipients are selected based on their grade point average (GPA), work experience, extracurricular activities and community service. Apply at https://bkmclamorefoundation.org/who-we-are/burger-king-scholars-program/
    Application dates - October 15 thru  Dec. 15th 2017


    The McDermott Scholars Program
    The McDermott Scholars Program at the University of Texas at Dallas is accepting application for their scholars program. Learn more or apply at http://www.utdallas.edu/mcdermott/award-qualifications   
    Deadline is January 3, 2018.


    The Indiana Commission for Higher Education
    The Indiana Commission for Higher Education is offering a scholarship opportunity worth $7,500/year, to high achieving students that are interested in teaching. For details or to apply visit http://www.learnmoreindiana.org/cost/financial-aid-and-scholarships/next-generation-teacher-scholarship/ Deadline November 30, 2017.


    The McDermott Scholars Program
    The McDermott Scholars Program at the University of Texas at Dallas is accepting application for their scholars program. Learn more or apply at http://www.utdallas.edu/mcdermott/award-qualifications 
    Deadline is January 3, 2018.


    Valparaiso University
    Valparaiso University is offering a $1000 scholarship opportunity for incoming freshman who will major in Classics, French, German, or Spanish. The scholarship is renewable 3 times for a total of $4000. Apply  at http://www.valpo.edu/foreign-languages-and-literatures/scholarships/first-year-students/  
    Deadline Jan. 26th 2018.


    Rover Pest Control Scholarship
    The Rover Pest Control in Minnesota is offering a $500 scholarship opportunity to 2018 graduates.  Minimum 3.0 GPA.  Apply at http://www.rovepestcontrol.com/rove-pest-control-scholarship/  
    Deadline is December 31, 2017


    Furious Grill
    Furious Grill is accepting applications for their “we are what we eat” story/essay scholarship. For more information or to apply visit http://furiousgrill.com/scholarship/  
    Deadline is November 15th, 2017.


    Indiana University Bloomington
    IU Bloomington has many scholarships listed on their website to make your search easier. You filter the scholarships results according to the type that best describes you.  Apply at https://scholarships.indiana.edu/scholarships/index.html  
    Deadline is November 1, 2017


    Indiana University Bloomington
    IU Bloomington has many scholarships listed on their website to make your search easier. You filter the scholarships results according to the type that best describes you.  Apply at https://scholarships.indiana.edu/scholarships/index.html  
    Deadline is November 1, 2017


    Al Nueharth Free Spirit and Journalism Scholarship
    The annual Al Neuharth Free Spirit and Journalism Conference program targets rising high school seniors who are interested in pursuing a career in journalism and who demonstrate qualities of “free spirit.”  Students will go to Washington, D.C. June 16-21, 2018, to participate in an all-expenses-paid journalism conference at the Newseum, located at 555 Pennsylvania Ave., NW and are awarded a $1,000 college scholarship. Information and application on http://www.newseuminstitute.org/
    Deadline is February 1, 2018


    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
    The NOAA Hollings Scholarship Program provides successful undergraduate applicants with awards that include academic assistance (up to $9,500 per year) for two years of full-time study and a 10-week, full-time paid ($700/week) internship at a NOAA facility during the summer. Apply at http://www.noaa.gov/office-education/hollings-scholarship
    Deadline is January 31st 2018


    Northwood University
    Northwood University is accepting applications for Traditional Undergraduate Private Donor and Naegalee International Scholarship. For details visit http://www.northwood.edu/financial-aid/scholarships-and-grants
    Deadline March 1, 2018


    UNCF STEM Scholars Program
    Fund ll Foundation is accepting applications for their UNCF STEM Scholars Program. Program benefits include tiered tuition scholarships, an internship stipend for STEM-related project, K-12 Summer Institute, UNCF Student Tech Empowerment Workshop and career development support. Apply online at https://scholarships.uncf.org/Program/Details/845601c0-d655-4922-ac68-6ab555166c52
    Deadline is January 16, 2018


    Parentinn - Cyberbullying Prevention
    Parentinn is offering The Cyberbullying Prevention for Teens Scholarship, worth up to $2,500. For more information visit www.parentinn.com/scholarship
    Deadline February 28, 2018


    Chopin Scholarship
    Chopin Foundation is offering a scholarship opportunity for qualified pianists. For details or to apply visit http://www.chopin.org/
    Deadline is May 15th, 2018


    Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation
    CKSF has you take a quiz to see what you know and then you win scholarships. It's that easy! At CKSF there are no essays, no applications, and no GPA requirements. Learn more and take a quiz at http://www.cksf.org/index.cfm?Page=Scholarships
    No Deadline


    The Indiana Breast Cancer Awarness Trust
    The Indiana Breast Cancer Awareness Trust, Inc. is now accepting applications for the Nancy Jaynes Memorial Scholarship. Download the application at www.breastcancerplate.org
    Deadline is February 2, 2018


    2017 Future of Assisted Living Scholarship
    SeniorAdvisor.com, the premier ratings and reviews site for senior services providers nationwide, is proud to announce our fourth annual scholarship for advancement in higher education. This is a general scholarship which will award each of the selected applicants with a scholarship award of $2,000. Application information on https://www.senioradvisor.com
    Deadline December 31, 2017


    Auto.Loan Scholarship
    Auto.Loan would like to do our part, which is why we have started a scholarship contest with the goal encouraging the professional and personal development of this generation’s dreamer.  The contest will require that you create a 2-5 minute video in which you explain how new ideas will shape the world around us, and why education is the key to creating a brighter future.  More information on https://auto.loan/scholarship/
    Deadline April 30, 2018


    The Next Generation Hoosier Educators Scholarship
    The Next Generation Hoosier Educators Scholarship provides 200 high-achieving high school and college students interested in pursuing a career in education the opportunity to earn a renewable scholarship of up to $7,500 each year for four academic years.  More information on http://www.in.gov/che/4680.htm
    Deadline November 30, 2017


    Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary
    VFW Auxiliary is offering a Young American Patriotic Art Contest Scholarship. State first-place winners compete nationally for awards totaling $21,000. Contest requirements and application can be found on https://vfwauxiliary.org/scholarships/young-american-creative-patriotic-art-contest/  
    Deadline is March 31, 2018


    Diabetes Scholars Foundation
    DSF provides scholarship information for students who are high school seniors and will be incoming freshmen in the fall and who have Type 1 diabetes. View scholarship list  http://diabetesscholars.org/college-scholarship/  
    Deadline is April 15th 2018 (applications available Jan 2018)


    Gloria Barron Scholarship
    Gloria Barron Prize is offering a $5000 scholarship opportunity to students working on an inspiring service project or have done so within the past 12 months. Scholarship info on  http://barronprize.org/apply/  - sample application available.
    Deadline is April 15th, 2018 (applications available January 2018)


    Society of Women Engineers
    The SWE Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to women admitted to accredited baccalaureate or graduate programs, in preparation for careers in engineering, engineering technology and computer science. Info on http://societyofwomenengineers.swe.org/index.php/swe-scholarships
    Deadline is May 5th 2018 (applications will be available Dec. 1, 2017)


    Dial My Calls Dial My Calls is offering a scholarship opportunity worth up to $1500.  For more information and application go to https://www.dialmycalls.com/scholarship.html
    Deadline is November 8, 2017


    Fashion Schools
    Fashion schools are offering a $1000 scholarship to students interested in pursuing a fashion degree. Applicants must submit an original word original essay on the following topic: What specific skill do you most want to develop?  More info and application link on http://www.fashion-schools.org/
    Deadline is June 1, 2018


    Animation Career Review
    Scholarships will be awarded to a high school senior who intends to pursue an animation related field at an accredited post-secondary school or college, has a demonstrable record of academic success and has a passion and drive for an animation and/or design related career.  More info on http://www.animationcareerreview.com
    Deadline is June 1, 2018


    OMBAR Report
    Interested in business? The $1000  scholarship is limited to high school seniors in the US pursuing a business related degree program at an accredited post-secondary school or college. Eligibility requirements and info posted on  http://www.onlinembareport.com/
    Deadline is June 1, 2018


    Groth and Associates
    Groth and Associates is offering a scholarship opportunity to seniors that have a GPA of 3.0+. Submit your essay  at http://www.grothlaw.com/scholarship/  
    Deadline is July 31, 2018


    Lucid Software
    Enter to win $1,000 scholarship using lucipress.com  Applicants must apply using Lucid Software programs (Lucidpress or Lucidchart) in their scholarship submission. Application process can be found on https://www.lucidpress.com/pages/scholarship
    Deadline is June 16, 2018



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