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    Posted by Jean Lovasko on 2/24/2017

    Book Blog - The Mailbox

    We will begin this month with a blog about the book, The Mailbox by Audrey Shafer.  This is her first novel.  Always intrigued with writing, Shafer recounts the stories of many of the veterans for who she cared for at the Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System.  The story she writes came to her as she was hearing the concerns by the Vietnam Veterans at the time of the build-up of troops in Iraq during 2002-2003.  

    In this book, twelve year old Gabe comes home from school one day to find that his uncle who he lives with, dead on the floor, and he is suddely on his own.  He is very sad, very afraid, and doesn't know what to do.  He suddenly starts receiving strange notes from someone in his-guess where?-mailbox.  This book is filled with mystery and suspense:  who is writing to Gabe?  What happened to Uncle Vernon's body?  Will Gabe be discovered? Read this book along with me to see what happens to Game and what things he learns from his Uncle Vernon even though he is dead.

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