Miss Markovich



Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. English Education: Ball State University

Miss Markovich

My Personal Philosophy

As a high school English teacher I believe that student-centered learning provides the most meaningful experiences for students. Creating individually applicable instruction guided by the learners will help them develop an intrinsic learning value. This is crucial to students' motivation for present and future personal growth. When the teacher takes on the mindset of presenting information to students rather than making them learn, she bears most of the responsibility towards her students’ personal education and motivation towards learning.

Through reading and writing, I want my students to learn about the humanities. Because language arts are the recorders of all human experiences, critical reading and personal reflection will help them begin to develop a comprehensive worldview. By furthering their understanding of themselves and others I will assist our future leaders to build upon their purpose in how to better serve humankind. Rather than settle on one solution or frame of mind, I hope to encourage my students to continually embrace a little discomfort as they ask themselves whether something is true. I believe it is the inner turmoil that drives us to search for yet unseen truths. Further,  I believe that everything they learn should be rooted in real-life application. Students should be able to apply what they learn to guide them on their journeys to discovering who they are and who they would like to become.

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