• cafe  Welcome to Food Services
    (219) 473-0961 
    Chris Lerma, Food Service Director     
    Here are the new breakfast and lunch prices:
    Elementary breakfast             $1.50
    Elementary lunch                   $2.55
    MS breakfast                        $1.55
    MS lunch                              $2.85
    HS breakfast                        $1.60
    HS lunch                              $2.95
    Adult breakfast                    $1.70
    Adult lunch                               $3.55
    The high school and middle school students are allowed to charge 2 lunches.  The elementary students are allowed to charge 5 lunches.  If your student is at these charge limits, they will be given an alternate lunch of a cheese sandwich and a milk three times only.  Food Services sends negative balance letters home on Fridays. If you have any questions, please contact the Food Services office at 473-0961.   
    Thank you,
    Christine Lerma, FSD
    School City of Whiting