Our Vision

Our vision at School City of Whiting is to provide opportunities for students to collaborate, to create, and to engage in their world while developing digitally responsible citizens, risk takers, and problem solvers of the future.

We envision that technology will be available and accessible for students to:

  • Refine critical thinking and creativity
  • Communicate purposefully and effectively
  • Participate in a challenging curriculum
  • Develop skills and proficiencies necessary for the workforce

We envision that technology will be available and accessible for staff to:

  • Support all learning across the curriculum
  • Provide global access to information
  • Support curricular needs of all learners
  • Provide skills and proficiencies necessary for the workforce

It is our intention that this vision will remain constant over the course of our plan and that it will guide the day-to-day and year-to-year implementation of technology in the School City of Whiting.

Why Implement 1:1?

As the world changes, it is important for the School City of Whiting to mirror that change and provide digital learning opportunities for our students while guiding them to be responsible digital citizens. It is also important to remain relevant so that our graduates are comfortable and competitive in the world they will inhabit.

It is our intention that this implementation will provide equitable access for all of our students.

Our Technology Goals

Our leadership team during the 2016-2017 school year has met monthly to examine and identify the needs of our staff and students in order to move forward with technology implementation. We have continued work on establishing a digital culture where students and staff are connecting with the global community to think critically and creatively. We want our students to be responsible digital citizens.

We are committed to providing:

  • Personalized learning for students and staff
  • Ongoing professional development in order to enhance student learning and increase student achievement
  • An infrastructure that supports 1 to 1 technology
  • A device in the hands of every student and teacher
  • Access to technology tools and resources for all

It is our intention that our schools become an environment where all students have equitable access to a full range of technology and resources.  

Curriculum and Instruction

We want our students to be engaged in curriculum that is technology-enabled and personalized. We want our students to have daily access to relevant, rigorous, and interactive content that supports mastery of the standards.

Teachers have worked on aligning our standards-based curriculum to include technology and personalization. This allows opportunities for students to engage in their learning in a more thoughtful and deliberate way. Over the past year, teachers scrutinized data and worked tirelessly to adapt their curriculum so it is more real world, inquiry-based, and focused on student achievement. Teachers have utilized GAFE and other digital resources to enhance student learning opportunities and prepare students for their future. Assessments are also being adapted to be online and performance-based.

It is our intention that our staff is knowledgeable and function as coaches and advocates of technology to deliver challenging curriculum while teaching students to be responsible digital citizens. 

Teacher Professional Development

Our main goal has been to equip teachers with the knowledge needed to utilize technology effectively with their students. We want our students to be able to think critically, make connections with learning, collaborate with others, and explore/solve real-world open ended problems. These topics have been the focus of monthly district professional learning workshops led by administrators and teachers during the school year.

Staff have had a myriad of opportunities to grow as professionals through the following:

  • Monthly Tech Talks
  • Weekly Technology Tips
  • GAFE Summit, January 2017
  • Apple Briefing, February 2017
  • Model Schools Conference, June 2017
  • Tech Like A Pirate. August 2017
  • Getting Googley Moogley, August 2017
  • Site visits to 1:1 schools in the Region 2018
  • Future Ready Training
  • Google Breakout Sessions 2018, 2019
  • ISTE Conference 2018
  • Southshore eLearning Conference 2018, 2019

It is our intention that our staff through on-going professional development acquire the knowledge and skills to integrate technology into a challenging curriculum which provides for students’ needs, levels and learning styles.  

Technology Devices

Our goal for the 2019-2020 school year is one device per student, K-12. We currently utilize a combination of iPads, chromebooks, and laptops to best meet the needs of our students. Additional chromebooks and iPads have been added through grant funding.

For more information about digital learning in our district, email: Lorri Covaciu. lcovaciu@ns.whiting.k12.in.us

updated 6/2019

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