Weekly Shout Outs

Here are our weekly shout outs and some reminders for the week! We wish everyone a safe and healthy Thanksgiving!


I also wanted to list our weekly shout out students, in addition to announcing them in our weekly recording:
Sarah Escalante
London Almanza
Oliver Augustyn
Kathryn Holland
Hailey Drewniak
Justen Perez
Isaac Parada Medina
Abigail Hernandez
Cody Fink
Angelica Quiroz-Iniguez
Santiago Zarate
Dianna Hernandez
Julian Blanks
Amelia Adair
Jayvion Roldan
Diego Blanks
Mikey Zamora
Hesus Hill
Carter Zwier

Great job to our shout out students this week and listen to the announcements for how they earned their recognition