Survey Says

My name is Mollie Lovasko and I am currently a student within Huntington University’s Doctor of Occupational Therapy Program. For my final Doctoral Capstone, I was fortunate to have Nathan Hale Elementary School’s principal, Ms. Julie Pearson, and superintendent, Mrs. Cynthia Scroggins, allow me to develop independent research regarding sensory integrative techniques utilized within an elementary school setting. Upon completion of my research, I will be developing a series of informational books for both parents and children regarding sensory processing disorder.
I am reaching out to ask for support throughout this process by participating in a quick, 5-minute questionnaire regarding common knowledge on sensory processing. I feel that the only way I can truly develop a book targeted towards benefiting parents is by first understanding what exactly they are interested in learning more about.
If you agree to complete this questionnaire, please follow the link below to answer electronically!
I deeply appreciate you taking the time to read this, and I look forward to any feedback provided! I hope that upon completion of my Capstone, you feel encouraged to learn more about sensory integration – whether that be through reading my finalized books or looking up research on your own!

Survey for Ms. Lovasko