Self Control

Definition - Having power and control over one’s own actions


What does self-control look like?

People practicing self-control:

Think before they act.
Control their temper.
Make good choices.
Follow through with plans and tasks.
Behave, even when no one is looking.

What does self-control sound like?

People practicing self-control make statements like:
I feel angry, I need to calm down.
I will call you after I finish my homework.
I know there is a reason for rules, so I obey them.
I have to finish my chores before I can watch T.V.
I’d love to eat all of the cookies, but I am only going to have one.

What does self-control feel like?

When self-control is practiced, a person:

Feels a sense of accomplishment when reaching a goal.
Enjoys the trust of others.
Feels more equipped to handle unexpected problems.
Makes and keeps friends easily.