Cadet Teachers


Cadet Teaching is a program designed to possibly interest high school students in the teaching profession. Cadet Teaching offers students an opportunity to work in a classroom under an experienced teacher in order to gain some understanding of the world of education. The cadet gets a first-hand look at the field of teaching and participates in hands-on experiences to determine if teaching is the right career for him/her.

Program Objectives:

* Examine the responsibilities and professional role of a teacher

* Explore diverse career options in education

* Observe and explore effective teaching practices

* Develop an understanding of school structures, operations, and policies

* Learn techniques that can be used for effective teaching

Program Goals:

* Cadets will explore the role of a classroom teacher.

* Cadets will research and observe career opportunities in the field of education

* Cadets will research, observe and implement effective teaching practices

* Cadets will identify aspects of development in relation to student learning

* Cadets will demonstrate leadership, interpersonal and self-evaluation skills

* Cadets will develop an understanding of school policies, structures, and operations

* Cadets will analyze teaching techniques

Cadets will report to their cadet teaching classroom on a daily basis. Cadets are responsible to check Google Classroom for updates, assignments, and meeting times with Mrs. Lovasko.

ASSIGNMENTS DUE: September 27, 2019

The first grading period ends on Friday, September 27th!

1. Log Sheets

2. Personal Journal

3. Classroom Observation

4. Stand Strong Poster