Our Mission

Whiting High School strives to provide a wide variety of educational experiences, which result in the academic, intellectual, and physical growth of our students. Also, we believe it is our responsibility to foster appropriate development in the emotional, social, and aesthetic areas.

We are aware that students have a variety of learning styles. Therefore, we recognize our responsibility to identify individual differences, and we strive to adjust our curriculum and methods to foster individual development.

Because we believe in the worth of the individual, we attempt to instill within the student an acceptance of him/herself. We also help students learn to become responsible members of society by providing a climate that encourages socially desirable traits and attitudes such as self-discipline, courage, and honesty.

Every student has the right to an education. No one has a right to disrupt that process.

We strive to prepare students to become active participants in and contributors to the American democratic society, capable of critical thinking and able to apply knowledge to all aspects of living. We foster in students positive attitudes toward life-long learning, enabling them to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world.

Communication, cooperation, and involvement among the school staff and parents and community are essential to make our educational venture successful.