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    Amy Segura

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    BSN Nursing - Indiana University Northwest
    Certified CPR Instructor - American Hearth Association 




    1. Keep up on preventative medicine

    The best way to fight a cold or flu is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. The Center for Disease Control recommends all children six months and older receive the flu vaccine each year. Also, make sure your children are going for well-child checks at the appropriate times.

    2. Wash hands often

    It's such a simple thing, but hand washing really does matter. Teach your kids to sing the happy birthday song twice while washing, and always use soap.

    3. Get a good night's sleep

    The body's immune system quits working well when the body is sleep deprived. Now is not the time to slack off enforcing bedtime. Most school-aged children need at least 10-11 hours each night, and babies and toddlers need even more.

    4. Teach proper sneezing etiquette

    Most kids sneeze all over everything, spreading potentially harmful germs to siblings and friends. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends teaching kids to sneeze into a handkerchief or into their elbows to prevent the spread of germs.

    5. Eat well

    A well-balanced diet is the best path to overall health. Some foods do slightly increase immunity, but there are no magic foods. Stick to eating plenty of plant-based foods and lean protein, and drink lots and lots of water.