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    Amy Segura
    BS Early Childhood Education - Purdue Lafayette
    BSN Nursing - Indiana University Northwest
    Certified CPR Instructor - ProTraining Solutions
    Katie Sabol
    ASN, LPN Nursing - Ivy Tech College
    Certified CPR Instructor - American Red Cross
    (219)473-4019 or (219)473-4029

    Dear Parent/Guardian:


    As your school staff works with you this year, we need your assistance and cooperation in preparing for the possibility that your child might become ill or injured, or need to take medication during school hours.  We hope this letter will explain our services.

    Medical History/Emergency Information

    Medical history and emergency contact information should be updated annually and as changes occur by sending the information to the school or calling the school nurse.  When you receive a student health/emergency information form, please update it and return it to the school within the first week of school. It is very important that we know what health needs our students have as soon as school starts.  Current, accurate information will enable us to take optimal care of your child. 

    Prescription/Non-prescription Medication

    Medication time schedules should be set so that, when possible medicine is taken at home.  However, if medication must be taken at school, the following procedures apply:

    1. The parent/legal guardian must complete the Medication Authorization Form.  The completed form must accompany the medication, no medication can/will be given without the permission form. 
    2. The medicine must be in the original container and taken to the nurse’s office/school office for central storage.  The pharmacy can provide a duplicate labeled container for school doses.  The parent/guardian should take the medication to the school.  Under no circumstances should medication be shown or shared with other students.  
    3. At the designated time, the student will go to the clinic/office to the medication.  Assistance/supervision will be given in accordance with the instructions on the authorization form.  
    4. Unused medication should be retrieved from the school office/clinic within one week after medication is discontinued; otherwise the school will dispose of the medication.


    Student Illness/Injury

    Sick students who are contagious with active symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, congestion, cough, rashes, and/or fever must not be sent to school.  Students with a fever of 100.2 or above must be excluded from school and should not return until they are fever free or active symptom free for 24 hours without Tylenol or other fever reducing medications.  The school nurse makes every effort to keep students healthy and in school and parents at work.  However, if illness or injury is potentially harmful to the student or others, the parent must be able to be contacted and arrange for the student to be taken home.

    By working together, we can strive to ensure the health and well being of every student so that he/she can participate in his educational program and learn to his optimal level.  Please do not hesitate to contact me so that together we can make this a Happy and Healthy school year!