Student of the Week

Congratulations to Logan Thomas for being our Oiler of the Week for last week.  Teachers vote for Oilers of the Week by choosing which of their students exemplified each of Whiting High School's five core values (Self-Discipline, Responsibility, Self-Advocacy, GRIT, and Growth Mindset).   Below is what teachers had to say about Logan.

Logan is the epitome of what it means to be "Oiler of the Week".  From the get-go at 7:35 in
the morning when students are allowed inside, Logan's presence is felt. He possesses such a bubbly personality that rubs off onto both his peers and teachers/staff. His kindness is truly appreciated and a perfect reflection of "respect".   He is a hard worker and a great example of "GRIT, growth, and self-advocacy" as well.   Logan is one of the few students I have who will reach out over email about assignments or upcoming tests. He is determined to do the best he can. Having him as a student for 3 years now, he has never wavered. He is always answering/asking questions in class, turning assignments in on time, performing well on tests, and most importantly being very kind to myself and his peers